6 factors to consider before resorting to permanent makeup

The permanent makeup is a micro implant of pigments that can be applied to the lips, eyebrows, and eye edges. There are two types of permanent makeup: cosmetics, which has the purpose of beautifying, and corrective, which is intended to correct areas of skin that have suffered scars and burns. It is a great option for those who do not have time to beautify themselves because they are too busy. Permanent makeup allows you to look flawless regardless of the weather, sweat, and even look good when you just get out of bed. Although this method is wonderful, it is convenient to take into account some factors before applying it through a professional.


1. Permanent makeup does not last forever

Although it is called “permanent makeup”, the results are not forever. This type of makeup lasts between one and two years on the skin. The pigments applied are very noticeable at first, but as time goes by it disappears little by little.

2. It is not painful

The application of permanent makeup, also called Micropigmentation, is not a painful procedure. However, in some specific cases, anesthesia is required, which can be injected or through Lidocaine gel.

3. Choosing an ideal professional

Before resorting to Micropigmentation, it is advisable to carefully choose the professional who will apply this method. Keep in mind that he must be registered, have good references, be experienced, and work with a high sense of ethics. He must work on your face to beautify it and make it look natural at the same time. He has to study your facial features to highlight them in the best way.

4. You must know exactly what you want

When you go to the beauty center to consult about Micropigmentation you should know exactly how you want your face to look. If you do not have a defined idea, you run the risk that the professional will do a job that you will not like. The more defined your idea is, the better the results will be.

5. Permanent makeup is not suitable for all women

Micropigmentation may not be suitable for some women with certain women. You should avoid this method if you like to change your makeup often, you are a perfectionist, you are afraid of needles, you like to follow the latest fashion trends. Remember that if you use this method you will look the same for about two years.

6. Necessary care after Micropigmentation

After a Micropigmentation treatment, it is convenient to follow certain care to keep you healthy. Remember: protect your skin with sunscreen, do not train for two weeks, do not scratch the scars, put ice on the area inflamed by the treatment, avoid swimming pools, keep the treated area clean.



Permanent makeup is a valid option for those women who do not have time to beautify themselves or are allergic to traditional makeup. Before applying this treatment you must go to a reliable aesthetic clinic that has the corresponding qualifications. Take the time to choose a good professional who works with excellence.