6 ideas to highlight your smokey eyes

The look is a fundamental factor in highlighting your own beauty. For this reason, millions of women decide to beautify their eyes through the technique of smokey eye makeup. This consists of making up the eyelids creating a “smokey effect”. This technique allows to show off a magnetic look that attracts everyone’s attention. To make the most of the fascination that smokey eyes generate, here are 6 ideas to stand out like never before.


1. Consider your eyebrows

To make the smokey eyes look their best, you must keep each eyebrow neat and tidy. Both must be symmetrical, well waxed, and well arched. Once your eyebrows are well prepared, you can start applying makeup following the smokey eye technique.

2. Dress in a specific way

If you’re wearing smokey eyes you can’t dress up in any way because it would be inconsistent. If you look fabulous wearing smokey eyes you should choose elegant clothes that highlight your style. Choose basic colored clothes that highlight your skin: black, white, silver, gold, pink, or camel. If you want to wear accessories, choose only one. Remember that you already look stunning thanks to your makeup.

3. A good hairstyle

If you’re wearing smokey eyes you should wear a hairstyle to match your magnificent look. You should wear a simple hairstyle that highlights your features. If you want you can wear your hair up so that all the attention is focused on your eyes. You can also opt for a thick fringe, which will add mystery to your look. Whatever style you choose you should feel comfortable.

4. Dare: glitter smokey eyes makeup

If you are invited to a party or an important evening event dare to wear glitter smokey eyes. The occasion is worth it. This type of makeup will create a hypnotic effect on your look. Your outfit should be simple: a black dress without accessories. Your eyes will get all the attention and you won’t need any more resources to look amazing.

5. Attitude

Wearing smokey eyes requires an attitude in keeping with this fabulous makeup style. You have to vibrate in an intense, strong, and passionate frequency to look your best. Remember to use a nude color for your lips, so that attention is focused only on your eyes.

6. Smokey eyes for daytime use

Although it seems incredible, you can also use smokey eyes during the day. The key is to use subtle shades such as brown eyeliner. Then you should make a good combination of colors with the rest of the makeup. The first thing to do is to line the eye with a brow pencil, then blur the eyeliner with a brush so the lines reach the entire eyelid. Apply a dark shadow to match the rest of the makeup. Finally, apply a lighter shade on the upper eyelid, near the eyebrow, so that your eyes are illuminated.



Wearing smokey eyes is a great opportunity to see you look fascinating, beautiful, and magnetic. To look your best, consider your clothes, hairstyle, accessories, and your personal attitude.