Cakey Makeup: 10 Tricks to Fix Caking and Creasing

Tricks to Fix Caking and Creasing

“Cakey foundation” or “cake face” for the most part alludes to that terrible excellence blunder when we apply an excessive amount of foundation, concealer, or powder, bringing about a too-thick and altogether exaggerated mask of makeup. Picking new, light foundations and equitably applying them is the ideal approach to dodge this basic makeup mishap.

Notwithstanding its scrumptious-sounding meaning, cake face is something you, for the most part, need to avoid with regards to cosmetics. The term alludes to foundations and powders that show up thick and layered when applied basically; “built upon.” your glow is dulled and looks anything besides natural; which, particularly in the time of dewy skin and blinding highlight, is somewhat of a no-no.

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