Makeup Tips to get better look

Makeup needs to be learned. With a little practice and the right tricks, you can achieve a perfect and type-appropriate makeup in just a few minutes. We’ll tell you to step by step the most important basics and professional makeup tips from the foundation to the kissable mouth.

The foundation’s selection: It is best to test the color on the neck or the lower half of the face, not the back of the hand. If the skin tone is not among the existing nuances, by the way, professionals mix a little too pastel techniques with a little too dark. With a bit of practice, you can do that also.

Applying the foundation: Always start in the center of the face. Apply the primer from the inside out in a circular motion. By the way, a thick layer of makeup usually covers redness and other skin irritations well, but it often makes the complexion look dull and mask-like.

The texture of your foundation: choose a foundation form that respects your skin type. Dry skin loves moisturizing foundations. Mixed, oily, and rather blemished skin, on the other hand, is best primed with oil-free formulations. Mineral foundations are also an excellent alternative to conventional foundations for oily skin.

The tools: Whether with your hands, a brush, or a sponge, is usually a matter of taste. Sometimes the texture also decides which tool is best. Applying the primer with a beauty blender or brush takes a little more practice.

 Powder for a silky finish

After you have picked up the powder with a thick, round brush or a tassel, always tap the tool briefly on the back of your hand and, by gently pressing the brush or tassel, first matt the areas on the face that begin to shine the fastest (forehead, nose, and chin). Applying a meeting firmly over the whole face is now considered obsolete because it destroys the foundation.

 Sun-kissed complexion even in winter

Take light brown kohl or eyebrow pencil, sharpen it well and use it to draw a few tiny dots on the bridge of your nose and cheeks. Then gently smudge the dots so that they are not sharply contoured, but look like tender, sugar-sweet freckles. The magical polka dots conjure up sun and summer mood even on pale complexions. Of course, you can also use bronzer to give your face color and contour.

hide tired eyes and dark circles

Concealer: If you don’t have time to cool tired and puffy eyes for a long time, the best solution is to use concealer. The concealer should always be chosen one or two shades lighter than the foundation.

Dark circles under the eyes: Those who naturally tend to have darker shadows under the eyes can compensate for the bluish tone with concealer pencils in rose and peach nuances.

Eye makeup: Avoid using overly light eye shadow colors – they visually increase the puffiness. Soft brown or gray tones are more flattering. To make the look more open, you can also do without the lower eyeliner and mascara on the lower eyelashes for a natural look. You can find out which other methods you can use to make dark circles disappear.

The perfect eyebrows.

Comb the brow bones upwards and only pluck the hair away from the lower edge. Start from the center of your face and use an eyebrow pencil to trace the upper bowline in fine lines. Then trace the lower brow line up to about a third from the middle of the face. Finally, shade the inside of your eyebrows softly and fill in empty spaces. Finally, comb the eyebrow color again with a brush.