Taking care of your hair as a family: the 8 best ideas

Haircare is important to look good and be happy with our own image. When we live as a family we must use hair products that meet the needs of each member of the group. We can also use beauty tricks together that strengthen the health of our hair. To make family hair care easier, here are the 8 best ideas.


1. Determine the hair type of each family member

Anyone who wants to have healthy hair must first determine what type of hair they have. The only thing that each member of the family has is to gently touch their hair. Through the texture, you will know if you have greasy, dry, porous, damaged hair, etc.

2. Using the right shampoo

It is likely that two or more members of your family have the same type of hair. In that case, they have to buy the same shampoo. If you each have a different hair type you can buy an extra mild shampoo that works well on any hair type. This kind of shampoo is moisturizing and multivitamins, benefiting any hair type.

3. Good organization

Haircare requires proper family organization. Establish schedules, what hair products each family member should use when they will need the hairdryer, who has specific problems (dandruff, hair loss, dyed hair, etc). Each family member should use the hair product that suits them best and not use anything because they are in a hurry.

4. Long hair: special care

Taking care of long hair requires extra work. First of all, you don’t have to wash it more than three times a week because it dries out. After washing, you should use a styling cream to control spiky hair. Once a week you should use a hair treatment cream based on aloe vera or rosehip. These ingredients are highly nutritious.

5. Proper feeding

Few know that healthy feeding leads to healthy and beautiful hair. That’s why there are foods not to be missed in family feeding: water, eggs, cereals, citric juices, yogurt, fish, and nuts. On the other hand, you should avoid harmful foods that harm hair health: junk food, treats, fried, sodas, alcoholic drinks.

6. Cutting your hair once a month

To facilitate the growth of healthy hair, each family member should cut their hair once a month. This ensures healthy and refreshed hair.

7. Harmful habits to avoid

Each family member should avoid certain harmful habits that in the long term harm the beauty of the hair. It should be avoided: go to sleep with wet hair, wash your hair with too hot water, wash your hair less than twice a week, pull your gray hair, tie your hair with poor quality rubber.

8. Hair habits worth following

Family hair care is most effective if you follow these habits: wash your hair with cold water, as it promotes the shine of it, dries your hair outdoors, untangles your hair when it is wet.



Haircare is an issue that should matter to all members of the family. You have to agree on adopting healthy habits that benefit everyone.