Top 4 Hair Tips

Hair is made up of keratin. It needs a lot of care and maintenance since keratin does not produce moisture. If nothing comes from outside, drought is inevitable. That is why proper care is necessary to prevent dry hair. Many women who suffer from dry hair are directly affected twice and also suffer from split ends. Such is a prevalent sequence of dry hair in which the hair splits at the tips. An unpleasant appearance that can ruin your hairstyle and helps make the look straws and lackluster.

Hair tips

  1. Less washing

As macabre as it sounds, washing too often is the leading cause of hair drying out. Water and shampoo remove the sebum produced by the scalp, which protects and closes the keratin layers. If there is no protection, the fine layer of keratin breaks open, and the hair dries out.

Therefore, you should avoid washing too often if you are not prone to excessively oily hair.

  1. Proper care

The market is full of products for beautiful hair. But not every care product is suitable for every hair type. However, the most important thing is to pay attention to the ingredients when choosing the care product. Silicones, which are contained in numerous care products, initially surround the hair with a light film, making the mane appear supple and shiny, but dry out the hair considerably. The silicone layer massively inhibits the absorption of moisture. The effect is only short-lived, but the hair’s damage becomes more and more visible with frequent use.

  1. Hair Styles

Whether straightening, combing, blow-drying, or dyeing – every process supposed to conjure up significant hairstyle damage the hair. The heat from the hairdryer and straightener make the keratin layer brittle and lead to moisture loss. Comb and brush rough up the sensitive surface. And colors or products for beautiful curls cause damage due to abundant chemical substances. Therefore, it is better to avoid these procedures more often. Let your hair dry naturally, shape your hair with large-toothed combs, and wear your natural color now and then. And it can’t be done without color: carefully spare the scalp not to damage the critical sebum glands.

  1. Proper nutrition

If you regularly suffer from split ends and wonder what you can do about divided backs, you can also support your hair from the inside out. With the right diet and lots of fruit and vegetables, you can do something good for the ends of your hair. Whole grain products are also an insider tip for the tips.

When nothing helps

If the tips are so dry that they show split ends, usually care no longer helps. Once the ends of the hair are split, nothing can “stick” them back together. Often only the revolutionary method using scissors allows. As difficult as it may be for you, it makes sense to sacrifice those few inches. Because this way, the damage cannot spread upwards, and you have the chance to keep your hair healthy. Once you’ve dared to take this step, you can ensure that your hair stays healthy and beautiful from now on with the right care. For example, every time you wash your hair and hair treatment for your dry ends every week, such includes a conditioner. Since your hair is particularly sensitive after washing, you shouldn’t rub it dry with a towel, but rather gently squeeze it out.


A final tip: don’t use cheap materials for your brush, but invest a few more dollars in a hairbrush with natural hair bristles. For the comb, it is advisable to use models made of wood rather than plastic.