Top 6 Makeup Secrets

Before you start applying makeup, you should first lay the foundations. The basis of all makeup is the skin. And it reflects everything that is not good for us in everyday life: stress, alcohol, smoking, too many sweets, too little sleep, and poor nutrition. Beauty comes from within! Unfortunately, there is a lot to it. Feel free to plan a detox regimen or let go of one or the other unhealthy habit. The next look in the mirror will show you that this is useful. And: always drink a lot! Our skin is made up of around 70 percent water. If it is undersupplied, you can see it immediately. And then even the best and most expensive makeup doesn’t help much.

Clean and moisturize

Before you start applying makeup, you should clean your skin thoroughly this is one of the makeup secrets that people take lightly yet it is very important. Such removes sweat and fat and loose skin cells that would not be covered by makeup. Then you should also provide your skin with a portion of water from the outside – preferably in the form of light moisturizing cream. If it is also enriched with a little hyaluronic acid or argan oil, pamper your skin additionally.

Don’t forget: the delicate skin around the eyes should also be cared for. Since it is significantly more sensitive than the rest of your face, an exceptional eye cream is recommended. It also has a firming effect and helps against dark circles.

Less is more!

Before you reach for primer and powder puff, you should take one thing to heart: less is more! Such also applies to makeup – and especially in the summer months. Therefore, use all products sparingly at first. You can always add more. Otherwise, conjure up a mask instead of a natural look.

A light primer is sufficient.

If you want to do something about your dark circles or one or two pimples, a lightly covering foundation is sufficient to even out the complexion. It is best to apply the product with your hands. Body heat makes it bond better with your skin. And: Always work outwards from the center of the face. Such is the only way to prevent unsightly makeup edges.

Concealer against dark circles

If the dark circles are not sufficiently covered, a concealer can also be used. It should always be a little lighter than the makeup used – it makes your eyes shine. After application, blend with the rest of the makeup.

Powder against unwanted shine

If you have areas on your face that quickly shine unattractively, you can help with a light powder. For many people, this is the so-called T-zone: forehead, nose, and chin. If necessary, it can be re-powdered throughout the day.

Summery complexion thanks to bronzer

If you are satisfied with the result, you can start tinkering your eyelashes. If your look should be a little more dramatic, you can give your face a bit of dimension with blush, bronzer, or highlighter. The easiest way to do this is with the so-called bronzer, which conjures up a summery complexion on your face. Apply a “3” to the forehead, nose, and cheekbones with the brush, then blend well.