Tricks for an authentic clown makeup

The clown is undoubtedly a character that has accompanied us during various life stages, especially in childhood. That’s why when themed costume parties start, and it’s always the first costume idea that crosses your mind.

Doing makeup inspired by a clown is not as simple as they have you. Before starting, you must choose what type of payment you want; that is, choose the face’s expression. It can be the one you prefer. For example, there are funny, sad, happy, evil clowns, and even zombie clowns.

Regardless of the clown you choose, the first is to make up your face with a white base. It is from there that the variety of colors and expressions of the clown began to be traced. Here we leave you tips for makeup according to the type of clown:

Happy Clown:

If you opt for this option, the clown of all life, the key is to seek to exaggerate the face’s expressions, emphasizing the eyes, nose, and mouth. Although it will not be a terrifying makeup like the others, you will get a good smile from people with your creativity.

When you have the face ready, add the details in the eyes. The standard option is to contour or draw colored arcs around it. If you prefer, you can decorate them with glitters or bright colors for a look that seeks to attract attention.

Next, continue with the cheeks. The ideal would be to trace small red or pink circles, or you can trace other shapes such as stars or hearts.

The nose is the main feature of clowns, so you should not downplay it. Opt for a deep red shade, or you can use accessories like a red rubber nose, the kind that is sold in costume stores. Finally, he exaggerates his mouth, defining his smile upwards very well.

Diabolic clown

The sinister clown makeup is preferred by many when Halloween arrives. Clowns tend to cause fear in certain people; therefore, this type of makeup is often used at this time to terrorize the largest number of people.

There are many options to achieve a devilish clown look. If you don’t want such elaborate makeup, it’s best to use liquid latex and get fake blood. The objective of both is to use it to create wounds and some cuts and give them a bit of realism.

Children’s clowns:

Although the makeup used is usually similar to the process that we explained previously, do not stop using the white base, the only difference here is that you should not emphasize the features too much. The idea is to give it a more friendly and less terrifying appearance. Children inspire this costume. Remember that the smallest of the house offer to scare easier, so you have to be more careful with this makeup.

Decorate the face with different friendly shapes and with many colors. Of course, do not forget about the red nose. Draw circles on the cheeks and try to exaggerate the shape of the mouth.